Monday, April 21, 2008

When Good Seders Go Bad

During the meal portion of the seder, we had the following conversation. It concerned the prop blood used during the recitation of the plagues (see the above photo):

Little Rebbetzin: Daddy will you keep the blood and use it again next year?

Me: No, it will go bad, I’ll make new blood for next year.

Me: (musing aloud) I wonder how long this stuff will remain good? It’s still getting thicker, I’d better not pour it down the drain.

Mrs. Jude: Why?

Me: I think it will plug up the drain and then I’ll have to call the Rooter man.

Me: (dramatizing the conversation)
Me: Yeah, the drain is plugged, can you come out and fix it?
Rooter Man: Do you know what’s blocking it?
Me: Yeah, blood.
Rooter Man: What???
Me: Well we had a lot of blood left over after Passover……

Everyone dissolves into prolonged hysterical laughter.